Which Organizations Offer Help to African-American Single Mothers?

Single black mothers can take advantage of numerous income earning opportunities. There are grant monies available from many charitable organizations across the nation. Single mothers who dream of college or starting a small business will find many resources designed to offer assistance. However, it is wise to remember that there are also other organizations that offer grants and assistance that are not specifically geared to single black mothers.

An Overview of Single Motherhood in the Black Community

Approximately 30 percent of black women live with a spouse. There are large numbers of single black mothers in every state. Single mothers have many budget concerns that households receiving two paychecks do not. This makes grants geared toward black, women, single moms, and black single moms, necessary for allowing black women to achieve as much as they can, especially if they are single moms.

Opportunities for African American Single Moms

Finding available grant money can be challenging for African American single mothers. Despite the fact that there are large numbers of organizations that have set money aside for this group, competition may be tough. African American single moms must be persistent in their efforts to secure funding.

One organization that helps many African American single mothers is the Sister Thea Bowman Foundation. This grant is in honor of Sister Thea Bowman who devoted her life to education and Catholic teachings. This money is set aside to provide assistance for single black mothers to attend the College of Saint Mary. The college also gives grant recipients a $24,000 award. The organization does have strict stipulations, but it does present a wonderful opportunity.

The Association of African American Single Mothers is another organization that offers assistance and education to African American single mothers. They often assist in economic development programs for lower income neighborhoods and they speak to policymakers and lawmakers on behalf of black single moms to make sure that needs and issues that affect them are addressed.

Finding Additional Services and Grants

One of the most efficient methods for tracking down grants that are useful for African American single moms seeking to meet educational goals, start a business, or achieve another worthy goal, is to contact national, state, and local minority organizations. Groups like the NAACP or the United Negro College Fund are excellent resources to discover more grant opportunities for black single moms. While these organizations may not distribute funds, they can offer valuable information on grant opportunities.

Benefits of Receiving Grants and Assistance

Grant money doesn’t just benefit the recipients. The assistance spans two generations. Improving the educational and professional capabilities of black single moms, also improves benefits to her children. These opportunities provide her children with opportunities to have a better education and a more promising future.

Barriers to Assistance for African American Single Mothers

Unfortunately, many welfare regulations cause black single mothers to be caught between a rock and hard place when looking for additional assistance. In some areas, Pell Grants and other forms of student aid are considered to be income. This can cause single black women on welfare to be ineligible for other Federal assistance programs they vitally need.

There are groups working actively to change these unreasonable regulations to ensure that single African American mothers can improve their lives and the lives of their offspring. Sometimes it may take some time for legislation and regulations to catch up with reality, but if citizens and organizations make sure policy makers and lawmakers hear their voices and concerns, there is little doubt that things will eventually change for the better.

Until changes are made, black single moms should make sure they are careful in reporting income and ensuring that grant monies received don’t adversely affect vital public assistance programs they participate in.

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  1. I am a single black mother. And I want to go back to school and I just dont know what route to take. I graduted from college in 2007. I been wanted to go back but I stopped trying cause of student loans. when daughter was born i got more of the kick to go back. I work as a teacher assistant and I would like to study in education.

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