How to Get Section 8 Assistance ASAP

section 8 housingWhen you need emergency housing assistance, navigating the program can seem like a daunting task. There are ways to increase your chances of a fast approval, and even qualify for temporary emergency housing, if you take the time to research and document everything you will need.

Follow these steps to improve your experience in applying for Section 8, also called the Housing Choice Voucher program. This program provides subsidized housing for low-income people. Most people will have to pay a small portion, usually 10 percent, of the market rate rent for a place to live.

Have Documentation Ready

You will need to document everyone who is living in your home, including all adults and children. Before you even contact any government agency, you will need the social security numbers of everyone in your household. If you do not know them, seek out school or tax records to help you out.

Also, every adult needs to show whether or not he or she is working, and you should get W-2s for the previous year (or tax returns) in addition to a current pay stub. If you have a new job, ask your employer for a letter of employment with your pay stated on it.

Contact Apartment Communities

While you can get a house through Section 8, doing so can be difficult and include a lengthy waiting list. Your best bet will be to find an apartment complex. While there are entire complexes designated for people with Section 8 vouchers, they also fill quickly.

Call around to some apartment communities where you may want to live and find out whether they accept people with housing vouchers and whether or not they have vacancies. Going into the process knowing a couple of places where you may be able to live is preferable than just going in blindly.

Local Social Services

Once you have gathered your documentation and have searched for some available properties, you should look to the website for HUD, or Housing and Urban Development. This federal agency is the funding arm of the Housing Choice Voucher program, and their website ( has information for the appropriate agency to contact for each state.

After finding your state, determine if you meet one of the “priority placement groups.” These priority placement lists allow people who are most likely to need emergency housing to get it. Domestic violence victims and people who have been evicted often top this list. Should you qualify for housing under one of these programs, then you will have a better chance of getting a housing voucher within a day or two.

Contact your local agency whether you believe that you qualify as a priority placement or not. You will need to fill out the applications immediately to get on the list for assistance. In some cases, you may be able to get temporary emergency housing, even if it is not in an apartment or other place where you will stay, especially if you are a victim of violence or will face immediate homelessness if you are not placed.

Immediate homelessness is also usually a top priority placement although you may have to go to a homeless shelter for a few days before you can be placed in Section 8 housing. Do whatever the caseworker tells you will be the best choice and keep pushing to get immediate permanent housing assistance. Caseworkers often are overwhelmed, and you need to be your own best advocate.

Steel Yourself for a Wait

Some cities and states have waits that may be as long as two years. While that timeframe seems insurmountable to someone facing a serious financial situation, get on the list anyway. You may not even need to get assistance in two years – or even six months – but getting on the list will put you in a place to get a spot should one open up. In the meantime, begin to look for landlords who may be willing to apply to get section 8 approval. If your current landlord will consider going this route, then you may be able to stay where you are and get help. While these applications take time, they can provide enormous help when they finally come through.

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18 thoughts on “How to Get Section 8 Assistance ASAP”

  1. I need to find a place asap to move im a single mom to three children’s ages 5 4 and 2 live with my mom but dtug adict brother just moved in I live in paramount

  2. I would like to learn more about recieving section 8 assistance so if there’s any way that anyone can help me, i would really appreciate it. Thanks

  3. I am a single Mom with 2 boys, ages 2 and 4. I want to be able to provide them a loving home of our own. Please send me information regarding Section 8 in Hawaii (Oahu) and possible ways of getting on that list asap.

    Thank you

  4. I’m a single mother of twin daughters that are very well mannered, and always been very eager to always to their best in all that they do..ONE twin is a varsity cheerleader with straight A’s and also plays softball and also has honor classes this sophomore year..The other twins always tries her best in gettin school work done ,extra credit, she also does well in school, but she is allergic to Everything and takes 6 meds. In morning & 6 at night plus a weekly allergy shot&suffers from reaccureing abscess on her face and different part of new parts of he’d body..But she is determined to go to a. Oollege ubvedsith after graduation..CAN U HELP US GET SE TION 8 IM ALSO DISABLED ANY INFO ON LOW IN low income housing will be will be a blessing for both u and me.. Stockton,CA…thank you God bless u….

  5. Hello everybody, I am Mrs Marcia,currently living in phoenix,USA.I am a widow at the moment with three kids and i was stuck in a financial situation by march 2014 and i needed to refinance and pay my bills. I tried seeking loans from various loan firms both private and corporate but never with success,and most banks declined my credit. But as God would have it,i was introduced to a private loan lender by a friend named …

  6. Job Lost of 20 plus years due to wrongful termination, losing my life long investment due to foreclosure. Leaving me and my kids (4) kids homeless. In need of great help, please help us to get a new start. thanks May the Lord above guide and lead your heart to be a blessing. May God Bless!!

  7. Hello I am a single mom of six boys between the ages of 10 and 3 its very hard for me to provide a home for them I struggle everyday to provide for them and I Dont have a home that they can call there own would you please help me find a home that they can call there own thank you me and them would greatly appreciate it thank you god bless you

  8. I’m a 23 year old single mother of 2 a baby girl who is 1 and a 5 year old son. I’m in need of an emergency section 8 housing. Having bad issues with my parents and need to get out as soon as possible. Working 38 hours a week getting paid biweekly and my parents constantly taking my money when I’m trying to save up and get an apartment but, can’t seem to do it around them. I really need to get away from them. Please I need help.

  9. I am a single mother of a 9 and 13 year old. Wanting to look for a rent to own if possible. I work for the DOE for over three years now and my credit score is about 700. I applied for section 8, but don’t know how long that takes or how i could find out more information. Mahalo

  10. I really need assistance badly I have two kids and I work for mcdonalds I just need emergency housing assistance badly so I can put my two girls under a roof

  11. Im a mother of two I have two year old and 6months I just want to put my kids under a roof so they can feel safe please help please

  12. I’m a single mother of 3children ages 11,1,and 2months.I’m on a low income and receive county assistance. I’m a student who is trying to better my future for me an my children. I’m financial having a hardship and did. Voluntary open case with dcfs and family preservation who promised to help but made everything worse and promises that now but me in the process of a eviction. Please I’m so in need of help so I don’t lose our home and be on the streets again. I have accomplished so much after losing everything when my 4 month baby died of SIDS, 2 yrs ago and everything fell apart afterwards.

  13. Hello . I am a single mom with kids, one perm. disabled. lost my job months ago and unable to collect unemployment. I had to get a shoulder operation and going thru therapy now feeling much better, but I have never stopped looking for work and needed to continue to keep all options open just in case anything came thru. This month, I am not able to pay my rent and will be evicted. I called town for rental assistance but they said they can’t help me without guaranteed income to pay future rent if the decided to help me, therefore helping me would not make a difference. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I live in CT. Thank you!

  14. Please help us I have 2 boys 11 and 13 we r here in Va we don’t know no one I’m in desperate need of ur help my boys attend school full time we need a place we can call home right now I feel I don’t belong no where …. please help me I have a case open in California maybe that would help I’m still on the waiting list maybe if u can bring it over here please help me please help us.

  15. Please help me I have 2 boys 14 and 15 I am needing help for a place to stay for my 2 boys. I am staying with a friend right now please help me find a home for my boys thank you so much.

  16. I Am A Single Mother With A 5 Month Old Baby Boy I Have No Family Or Friends And Have No Where To Go Please Give Me Some Type Of Information.

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