Assistance for Single Mothers in Indiana

If you are a single mother then it is likely that you are finding it very hard to manage caring for your children, work, and making sure that all the bills are paid, while still having quality time to spend with your children. However, there is assistance for single mothers in Indiana, through a number of government sources and even a few independent sources. Depending on your situation these programs may be able to help you care for your children and yourself.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

The WIC program is one of the most well-known programs for mothers, and while it may require some work to get approved for the program, it definitely pays off. The program is geared toward making sure that mothers and their children are healthy and well cared for, even if they may not have the money to buy healthy foods.

WIC Eligibility

The WIC program in the state of Indian offers its services to pregnant women, new moms, breastfeeding moms, infants and children under the age of five. There is an income requirement in order to determine eligibility. The income level is based on the number of people in your household, so if you have five members in your household (pregnant mothers count as two) and have an income of $45, 415 or less then you do qualify for WIC. To see if your situation qualifies consult this WIC brochure. The Indiana WIC website also has an online prescreening tool that can help you determine if you do qualify for WIC, you can visit it here.

WIC Services

If you do qualify for WIC, then you will get plenty of assistance to help pay your grocery bill. You will receive WIC checks which can then be used at WIC affiliated stores on products that are marked with the WIC eligible logo. The purpose of this is to ensure that the WIC money is being used on healthy products that will offer more nutrition for the money.
If you are a breastfeeding mother, WIC will also supply you with a breast pump so that you can pump while at work to not only maintain your supply but ensure that your child has plenty of breast milk throughout the day. WIC offers additional benefits to mothers who choose to breastfeed because the program is a strong advocate for breastfeeding. However, they do offer assistance with formula, even special formulas if your child requires a specific diet.

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

Another program geared toward offering assistance for single mothers in Indiana is the TANF fund. This program offers a way for mothers to prepare themselves to enter the workforce or re-enter the workforce. It allows for 60 months of financial assistance to allow families to get back on their feet and able to support themselves.

TANF Eligibility

In order to be eligible for TANF, the children must be under 18 years of age and both mother and children must be U.S. citizens. There must be no assets over $1,000 (the house is exempt from this requirement) and there is also a specific income requirement as well. There is an online screening tool that will help you determine if you are eligible for assistance here. Since the food stamps and the Healthy Indiana plan have the same requirements you will be able to check eligibility for those programs as well.

TANF Benefits

TANF gives you cash each month during the duration of your program that is based upon your monthly income level and the amount of people in your household. For example a family of four, making $712 or less each month will be eligible for up to $346 a month in benefits. This is a temporary program and it is only valid for one 60 month period. Therefore once you have benefitted from TANF you are no able to benefit from TANF again.

Indiana Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

If you are struggling through the winter there is assistance for single mothers in Indiana that will help keep the heat on. The Indiana Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program will work with your power company to arrange a lower bill payment that you can afford. This will ensure that mothers and their children will stay warm throughout the winter. In order to apply for the program you must meet with the community agency in your area and they will help you figure out if you qualify and fill out an application. You can find the list of community agencies here.

Hoosier Healthcare

Medical assistance for single mothers in Indiana is also available through the Hoosier Healthcare program. This is a way for low-income families with children up to age 19 to have health insurance. The program will cover doctor’s visits, prescriptions, dental care, medical care, surgeries and more at no cost to the mother. This is a great way to ensure the health and safety of the mother and her children.


In order to see if you are eligible for Hoosier Healthcare you can call and have an application mailed to you or you can visit an enrollment center near you. For step by step instructions on where to get an application and how to submit it, you can go here. It is important to note that while this program is geared toward low-income families and pregnant women, there are other health care programs you may be eligible for, even if you are turned down for this one.


There are some government assistance grants that offer assistance to single mothers in Indiana as well. There are government grants that will offer money to go to school such as FAFSA, or government grants that can help you accomplish other goals or provide assistance for children with special needs or medical problems. You can learn more about FAFSA here.

There are just some of the ways that single mothers can get help for their children and there are even more. All you have to do is ask what programs are available at your local agencies.

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  1. I am looking for any kind of cash assistance for a single mother of 3. If there are any government programs that are able to help, please feel free to e-mail me.

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