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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. God bless me, let the A Single Mom to see this letter.

    Dear A Single Mom Staff:

    I’m Yang Xuteng, my nationality is the Han, now live in Tianjin, China.
    My father died when I was young, only my mother and me, my Paternal mother abandoned us. My Maternal mother economic conditions are not good, Later, my mother unemployed. Did a lot of hard work, Life stress and work pressure are great, My mother raised me very hard.
    After I graduated from high school, In order to reduce the pressure of my mother, I went to the vocational training schools, major game program. After graduation, working at a local game company, as a game programmer.
    Since I work at the age of 20, until now, a total of 6 years, I work very hard. But the quality of life is very low.
    for example, the housing problem, because in China, housing prices are high. Some people use their life savings to buy, because some people can’t afford to buy a house and live in a small house, I and my mother is one of them.
    for example, the medical problem, Because young, my mother’s body and mind are too tired, After the old, A high probability of disease will occur. In the Chinese medical costs are high, But medical standards are not high.
    As a man, in order to let my mother to live a happy life, I want to go abroad.
    I hope you can help me to go abroad, Or please give me a chance to work for you.
    I will prove with my 6 years of work experience:I won’t let you disappointed.
    I guarantee to God:Every word I say, Are objective facts.

    Bow to the A Single Mom Staff, salute.

    上帝保佑我,可以让A Single Mom看到这封信。

    尊敬的A Single Mom的工作人员:











    给A Single Mom工作人员鞠躬,敬礼。

  2. Hi, I am a single mother of three. I live in a very small community which i love. My first child was born when i was age 17 years old..and thus followed. I did not receive my high school diploma but i did not quit school, i was only 1/2 credit short of a high school diploma. I want to do more with my life but with my crazy work hours i havent gotten the chance to complete a GED so that i can begin school. I do not want to quit my job because of bills. I know that if anything, this will benefit myself as well but i owe it all to my children. I have the ambition and motivation that it takes to be something and to get the job done i just do not know where to begin.!

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